Medco’s Self Pay collections platform is the backbone of our solution offerings. Our SPEED program (Self Pay Early Engagement Dunning) has proven best practice by our clients and our peers. Driven by our proprietary software CMS (Collection Management System), Medco consistently produces higher than industry standard collection percentages. Our CMS system is the result of 21 years of Best Practice and is customizable to adapt to almost any provider system.

  • Early Revenue Recovery to Prevent Accounts from Going to Bad Debt Collections Where a Higher Rate is Charged
  • SECURE Placement and Payment Transactions
  • Highly Customized Automated Dialer
  • Ability for Patient to Make Payments 24/7
  • Highly Trained and Certified Personnel
  • ALL Calls Recorded and Stored
  • MCA Client Access for TRANSPARENT real time monitoring of accounts and collections
  • Strategic Scoring and Analytics for Account Recovery Management
  • Customized Reporting to Customer’s Specification
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A revolutionary Pre-Registration methodology designed to improve front end efficiency, accuracy, and collections. Our dedicated staff takes on the daily burden of patient interaction, allowing your staff time to work on other projects. We use the latest advances in call center technology to maximize patient contact and ensure the highest quality of registration. We work to improve the overall patient experience and enable a smooth transition from pre-registration to point-of-service.

Ways We Can Help Your Pre-Reg Department

  • No more hiring, training, and managing of Pre-Registration staff
  • Automated Dialer with call recording
  • Accurate & consistent results
  • Customized Management Reporting
  • Incident Ticket System
  • And more

Case Study: Over a 3 month period we did a study to compare the efficiency of our Pre-Reg staff to that of hospital staff. MedCo staff has the latest in pre-reg technology allowing them to reach more patients and spend less time waiting on the phone dialing numbers. The results were outstanding. MedCo staffed almost doubled the daily productivity of the hospital staff.

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THE UPTAIN GROUP, INC. is a fully licensed bad debt collection agency with dedicated staff that exclusively serves hospitals and physician practices. Our clients select us because of the effectiveness of our collections model that address the challenges specific to healthcare, our unfettered commitment to patient satisfaction while meeting client needs, the depth of our expertise furnished and our cash collection results—accelerated through analytically driven work flows enabled through leading-edge technology.

At The Uptain Group we are fully committed to compliance. The Compliance Program governs operations and mandates that our processes, systems and people practices conform to established, accepted standards. Our standards adhere to all up-to-date compliance measures including the FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, HITEC, and HFMA’s best practices in patient collections, and routinely evaluated which ensures compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Because THE UPTAIN GROUP works in partnership with our healthcare clients, we promote and provide extensive training in appropriate collection methods, FDCPA, HIPPA, and other state and federal regulations. This Quality Assurance program ensures that each member of the THE UPTAIN GROUP team represents our healthcare partner with the utmost levels of integrity and expertise.

Our Quality Assurance program is designed to maintain the highest level of Performance, Quality and Customer Service. All calls are digitally recorded randomly reviewed and monitored to ensure effectiveness, compliance, and to identify training and development opportunities.

We place an emphasis on staff education that is unparalleled in the industry. All of our staff begins their career at THE UPTAIN GROUP with an extensive in-classroom training and orientation program focusing on collection techniques, client-specific systems and processes, industry compliance, and quality standards. This is followed by mandatory annual continuing education designed to maintain and advance our staff’s skills and expertise. All of these initiatives are designed to produce an UPTAIN GROUP team in which our clients have confidence and our staff are proud to excel.
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Increase your revenue recovery and decrease your write offs.

MedCo offers a wide variety of insurance projects. From providing a virtual insurance department for your facility to denial management, our highly trained team can assist with all insurance needs. Dedicated specialists result in high efficiency and increased reimbursements.

  • PRE/POST Conversion Project
  • Virtual Billing/Collections
  • Small/Large Balance Denials
  • Out of State Credentialing
  • Worker’s Compensation Follow Up
  • Third Party Liability Follow Up
  • Many more…
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For more than 21 years, MedCo has both followed and help establish best practice in our business and or client’s businesses. MedCo offers consulting services to help our clients and prospective client s achieve Revenue Cycle Excellence. These services are FREE or for a fee depending upon the topic and scope. Please contact us to find out how our team of experienced consultants can help your facility.

Areas of Expertise
  • Self Pay and Co-Pay Strategies and Collections
  • Point of Service Collections
  • Patient Access and Pre-Registration
  • Patient Billing
  • Insurance and Denial Management
Along with our expertise, MedCo utilizes multiple Analytical tools to help increase collections. Please contact us to find out which Analytical tool might fit your facility best based on current need.
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