Technology Overview

Highly trained people and proven processes make up MedCo but TECHNOLOGY is our heartbeat.

MedCo was started in Huntsville, AL twenty four years ago and remains there today. Huntsville, the birthplace of NASA and current home of the Army Missle Defense Command is consistently rated as one of the country’s leading high tech areas. From the beginning, MedCo recognized the need to infuse technology into our processes to create efficiencies and ensure quality. While our competitors were attempting to use commercial software packages, MedCo created its own proprietary CMS software suite to ensure best practice surrounding increasing revenue collections. In the early days, NASA and DOD programmers were contracted to create and develop CMS. Today, our extensive full time IT staff of programmers and network engineers are bringing rocket science to healthcare daily.


Our custom collections management system is 21 years of best practice. Our TRS agents have the information at their fingertips to help counsel patients with their financial responsibilities.

  Custom Dialers

Our IT department has developed custom state of the art dialers that incorporate functions and capabilities second to none in our industry.


Our custom, real time client access portal allows our client partners access to their accounts and the status of that account. Built with full transparency to the client in mind, there is nothing the client cannot see. MCA is also robust with reports and analytics. MCA access is provide to all client partners free of charge.

  My Medco

Currently in beta testing, MedCo will soon release My MedCo, a smartphone app for both Apple and Android Devices. My MedCo will provide the same robust features as MCA on a mobile platform for anytime/anyplace monitoring of account inventory and status.